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Code Hosting Cloud is a file storage and document collaboration platform that helps teams stay safe, secure and connected in the cloud, Code Hosting gives you security and sovereignty over your data – stable, scalable and convenient

Work smarter with Code Sync PRO

Access your files anywhere, any time

Access your files instantly from all your computers, mobile devices and the web. Work from home, from the office or from the most idea-inspiring places on the planet.

Share and collaborate securely with anyone

Create centralized folders that your internal team members and external collaborators can easily access. Manage permissions to keep your most important work protected at all times.

Send and receive files professionally

Share your documents through a custom-branded client file portal with your company logo on full display. Build client trust and set your business apart.

Transform your desktop with Code Sync CloudFiles

Free up storage space on your computer with files on demand. Browse your cloud files directly from Windows Explorer and Mac Finder. Never worry about storage space again.

Keep all your work always backed up

Code Sync backs up your company's documents in real time, ensuring you can restore any file, any time. Recover from ransomware, hardware failure and human error in an instant. Whew!

Security & compliance built for peace of mind

Code Sync includes groundbreaking privacy protection features, enterprise grade infrastructure and certification with the most widely accepted security and privacy regulations worldwide. Your data is safe with Sync.

Full money back guarantee, change plans or cancel anytime.



Sync, share files and documents
  •  5 GB secure storage
  •  Basic sharing
  • 1 - to 4 users
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Pro Solo Professional


For sole practitioners seeking more storage
  • 100 GB secure storage
  •  Advanced sharing
  • 1 - to 10 users
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Sync And Share Files And Documents
  •  5 GB secure storage
  •  Basic sharing
  • 1 - to 4 users
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Pro Solo Professional


For Sole Practitioners Seeking More Storage
  • 100 GB secure storage
  •  Advanced sharing
  • 1 - to 10 users
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Code Hosting Cloud enables users to collaborate online while retaining digital sovereignty, empowering them to easily edit, share, and access files regardless of device or location. This is enterprise-ready secure file sharing and storage from Code Hosting.

Improve collaboration within your organization

Work simultaneously together in the cloud

Be productive wherever you are

Access your files everywhere from any device


Contact us at any time. We're real people ready to help you with any sales or technical support related questions you may have. And we love talking about security, privacy, and encryption too.


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